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نرم افزار CPFD یا Computational Particle Fluid Dynamics یک نرم افزار تخصصی در زمینه شبیه سازی جریان های چندفازی از جمله گاز – جامد بوده و که برای تحلیل جریان های دوفازی یه همراه واکنش شیمیایی در رآکتورها بسیار مناسب می باشد.

یکی از مزایای این نرم افزار بالابودن سرعت تحلیل آن نسبت به سایر نرم افزارهای تجاری موجود است و همچنین قابلیت اجرا بر روی GPU را نیز دارا می باشد. برای مشاهده اطلاعات بیشتر به آدرس وب سایت آن مراجعه نمایید.

در این مطلب آخرین نسخه نرم افزار CPFD Barracuda VR 17.0.0 x64 برای سیستم عامل ویندوز 64 بیت به صورت خرید پستی فراهم شده است. این نرم افزار بر روی ویندزهای 64 بیتی کاملا تست شده است و سالم است.

در ادامه توضیحات اصلی در مورد این نرم افزار آمده است:

Our Vision For CFD Across Fluidized Reactor Industries

CPFD is advancing the state-of-the-art in a large, but underserved CFD simulation market, by building on its proprietary physics-based simulation technologies to virtualize the chemically reacting particulate flow dynamics of fluidized reactors across all industries and delivering game-changing economic improvements in output, efficiencies, time-to-market, and emissions compliance.

Our clients in Senior Management appreciate the cost savings Barracuda can generate for a relatively small investment, and engineers appreciate the competitive edge it provides by revealing scientific insights unavailable with other software.

Barracuda is unique among CFD technologies because it was designed exclusively for one purpose:  To model particulate-solid flows in fluidized systems.  Unlike familiar codes such as ANSYS Fluent®, CD-Adapco STAR-CCMT®, Open Foam and others who gradually modified single-phase CFD methods in an attempt to model particle flows, the Barracuda® engineering software package was built from the ground up, based on the firm foundation of the multiphase-particle-in cell (MP-PIC) description of the particle phase with strong coupling between fluid and particle phases. As a result, it delivers an unequaled level of accuracy that translates to economic value and a competitive advantage when it comes to:

  • Avoiding costly reactor shutdowns and repairs
  • Lengthening equipment life cycles
  • Increasing production of reactor products and yields
  • Reducing emissions
  • Ensuring success of scale-up operations
  • Predicting performance without prototype investment

You can spend millions using general purpose software in an effort to simulate particle flows and still fall short of what Barracuda can do for a fraction of the cost.A physics-based engineering software package capable of predicting all fluid, particulate-solid, thermal and chemically reacting behavior inside a fluidized reactor in order to maximize its productivity and reliability.

Engineering Benefits

  • Barracuda Virtual Reactor is a engineering software package developed exclusively for one single application: gas-particle fluidization reactors and their internal components
  • VR is based upon our proprietary numerical method which is unique in its ability to model gas flows with any loading of discrete particulate solids of any size distribution
  • VR has been validated extensively against large-scale experimental data from PSRI and others worldwide R&D organizations
  • VR has been validated with industrial operating reactors across diverse industries: oil refining; chemicals production; coal combustion; gasification and many other FBRs
  • VR has its solids chemistry coupled to the flow field to accurately compute your ‘products’
  • VR users are provide with in-depth training, and then given direct technical support by experienced CPFD engineers
  • VR is being continually enhanced with new features and state-of-the art computing power
  • VR can make you highly successful by offering tremendous gains in engineering insights and optimization of your company’s fluidization reactors
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